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Salon im Hotel Bogota, ehemaliges Büro des Leiters der Reichskulturkammer.

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  1. Angela

    Hi I am mailing to fnd out if you have rooms from 21-23 October and if so what is the cost of the following
    single room
    twin room – per person
    double room per person

    1. J.P.R Artikelautor

      Hello Angela,
      the Hotel Bogota had to close in december 2013.
      In my private flat I offer up to three rooms as a private host, you may find pictures of the rooms on Facebook or Instagram looking for LittleBogotaBerlin.
      There are two Bathrooms at the flat, a very nice livingen room and a kitchen. It would give you a good possibility to get a „Hotel Bogota“ experience. Among others it has been „the favorite hotel of the world“ for the british actor Rupert Everett.

      The double / twin room is 60€ per room ( 30€ per person) Sunday to Thursday 70€ (35 per person) Friday and Saturday, the „singel“room , only one, is 50€ / 60€ per night.

      If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, better under >
      or take my mobile number +49 (0) 151 5474 8845 to use WhatsApp-

      All the best

      Joachim Rissmann


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